Quote from Khalil Amani regarding founders of hip hop in 2016.

From the article entilted “Afrika Bambaataa: On Shaking the Gay Rumors.” By Khalil Amani

One of my hip-hop premises on the advent of rap/hip-hop was that Disco music—a music 
that was all-the-rage of gay America had morphed its way into rap. Just look at the
early pioneers of rap and their accoutrements (clothes/swag). Afrika Bambaataa, 
Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were no more than broke-ass, 
ghetto rip-offs of the gayest male group ever—Village People—a group of costume-
wearing homosexual men who had the ears of America singing such hits as “YMCA” 
and “Macho Man.”

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