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Rhyme Bomb Live Returns Today (2/18 Mix) 420 Marijuana Themed Rhyme Bombers on playlist in support of Dr. GreenThumb Dispensary in La Mesa, CA – B-Real from Cypress Hill will be there tomorrow if you are in San Diego County) / Truth Music Edition.  The show plays for the first time two new song releases by The Tarantulas Music as well other underground / legendary emcees approved for Rhyme Bomb Genre. FYI: Real Emcees Vets and OGs have denounced the entire Genre of Hip Hop and Rap due to the hollywood takeover of the genre and the numerous human trafficking allegations against Hip-Hop founder Afrika Bambaata, (HipHopGate) The Tarantulas Music (Founders of Rhyme Bomb Genre) have declared Rhyme Bomb the new genre for real emcees and lyricists.  Rhyme Bomb also welcomes people who appreciate delivery, direct/blunt honesty, lyricism, revealing truth and spreading awareness. RhymeBomb.Live is where REAL EMCEES live… (link pending, upload of show in progress)

Big Shout out to all who contributed to / supported this episode (in no particular order) – The Radical Guessworks, Morrigan Black, Veronica, Farrah, Thessa, R.M., Digital Admen (Anton Siler), Noah Hunter, Epicsode, Prince Charles Thagod, San Diego Rhyme Bomb Street Team, Jesus and any one else we forgot…

by K1NG 5T0N3 w/ The Tarantulas Music
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