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Radical Guessworks, Rhyme Bomb Genre emcee opens Radical Guessworks album with a mix of unique Westcoast Underground and golden era emcee skill unique to himself.  Rhyming about life and how we all live as individuals, lyrical smooth flows from one verse to the next like lyrical genius.

 This solo album a perfect example of Artistry and rhyme crafting. Rhyming about craft of being an emcee. A real emcee. The whole album a standout, starting with the track “Khaki” the Golden era rap style opening telling life as it is, stating he is The Radical Guessworker, hardcore underground real emcee.

Harder experimental next track ‘Taradactle’ another brave and successful move by both Doc Max Stone and Radical guess worker both free styling on the track OG like real emcees do. The harder darker drum beat with the Latino touch par excellence. A smooth transition into The Dispensary, piano opening and monologue promoting legal weed, a chill classic ya can drive to back and forth wherever you are going in life.


Skill of of a rhymebomb soldier transition into Die Or Live, hard beat lyrical combat too hot for weak emcees with the balls to step up to the challenge. Proof the one emcee is better than none, dedication to craft always improving and upping the game.

Smooth flow like golden honey word for word, flowing lyrical education in OG rhyming solid as 1993. Just as hard.

One Is Better Than None a hardcore OG rhyming with style with rhythm calling out the fakers and pop sellouts, song writing fantastic a work of genius with solid mixing mixed into the lyrics flowing into the funk style Lingo OG rapping, verse for verse schooling all listening in flow, rhyming, beat and lyric writing.

Style wholly unique for the whole album each track unique in it’s own way all lyrically well written, solid beats, flow, rhythm, style and performance.

One of the best albums I have heard in years, well worth picking up for Radical Guessworks, K1NG 5T0N3 aka Doc Max Stone, Prince Thagod and Epicsode. All thrown together an album that all should hear, bringing back the golden era of rhyme.

An album about artistry and rhyme crafting, a true emcee.

Morrigan A. Black

Review by:
General Werewolf
(aka Morrigan A. Black)