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Album Reviews

Dr. Max Stone – The Compound LP (Album Review)

todaySeptember 10, 2022 1

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Originally released 21st November 2020

A deeply soulful album from Dr Max Stone with guest appearances by Prince Charles Thagod (MWC/TTC), Amber Gilles, Episcode (MWC/TTC), Madd Joker and  The Radical Guessworks (MWC/TTC), personal, passionate a mix of old school Ska, Punk/Rhyme Bomb of perspective rap single character perspective in a story relevant to life itself.

An album about the true human experience and truth bombs, a good mix of hard truth themes and raw emotion on the parts of all involved, a labor of love and raw emotion rarely seen on an LP.A 01:25 intro for the whole crew to an industrial sound mixed with classic scratching and a sick beat flowing smooth into the raw real ‘The Holding Room’ ‘Hyperventilating going mad from the stress rip the shirt from my chest, hit the inside of the car ‘till my hands bleed’ rapped with rawness and feeling.

The opening soft leading into a harder darker edge as the feelings flow in the rhythm and lyrical outpouring of pain and frustration, lyrical genius and rawness of the soul, a human experience. 

Freedom warrior an early version of ‘We Will Not Comply’  a darker experimental version rhyming and lyrical edge given form leading into Diego Garcia a savage and honest experimental mix of soulful beats and beautiful mixing. A mix of hard lyrics, lyrical rhyming and brave experimental beats. 

‘Digital Friends’ calling out the beast slave system truth bombing the beast hard in the face calling out the corrupt government, mainstream media and fakers on all their bullshit. Lyrical education powerful lyrically savage in rhyming, the beat a deep in the rabbit hole acid trip with sick mixing shouting out ‘I’m only a sheep stuck in a fucked up society’ a savage reminder of our loss of humanity to a soulless machine, a conscious war cry. 

‘Debt Collectors’ an old school beat rhythm flowing like honey, truthful, honest and like we live in the real world. Conscious with bite calling the lying crooks out with savagery like they deserve. A return of old school Punk/Rhyme Bombing the liars in our midst as Punk/true Rhyme Bomb artists did back in the day.  

It’s rare for an LP to come along like this, with raw honesty and heart  willing to speak hard truths and not flinch in a political climate of censorship and Bolshevism globally, all those fakers out there and mainstream Hollyweirdo Baphomet/Satan worshipers can learn a thing or two from this crew, not selling your soul to the devil for success and earning it the hard way through hard work, self education and honing your skills to constantly improve your game. No lyricist is born over night, lyricists are made through hard work and graft not selling your soul. ‘The Compound’ is real Punk/Rhyme Bomb. 

The whole album 10/10 4 real.

 Too many stand out tracks on ‘The Compound’ I can recommend this album to anyone into real music with a real message, real humanitarian spirit with truth,  not afraid to evolve or experiment and do new things, mixing, beat with raw emotion, lyrics with heart and soul. The whole album 10/10 4 real.

Morrigan A. Black

Morrigan A. Black – 02/24/2022

Author, illustrator, activist and writer

Contact – @Morgaine1905 on Telegram

Written by: Rogue Anon

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