The Genre

Rhyme Bomb is an emcee/lyricism/truth focused Music Genre established with the release of the “Rhyme Bomb LP” in 2021 by Westcoast California Emcee veterans The Radical Guessworks and K1NG 5T0N3 (aka Dr. Max) of The Tarantulas Music and Mental Wakeup Clan.  In the Rhyme Bomb Genre the Emcee is of the upmost importance and reigns supreme over.

The Reason

In modern times the Hip Hop and Rap industry has become saturated with actors dispatching auto-tune infected bullshit tracks with wack lyrics, lil wack clowns who do lap dances for the devil,  ghost writers and cloned styles.  In addition, Hip Hop / Rap actors are pushing transhuman agendas, satanic rituals, pedophilia, freemasonic/zi0ni5t propaganda, human trafficking and even drinking blood like pop singers in Music Videos such as Miles Cyrus.

In the past several decades of investigation into “What happened to Hip-Hop?” the wisest of the rhyme bombers (our term for a dope lyrical emcee) would see – unfortunately…. that Hip Hop never was what you were told.  Just like you found they erased and rewrote certain history or how they write Covid as cause of death on any corpse, regardless of how they died.  Hip Hop / Rap “You need a toilet for some of this crap” (Quote: Mannish) was all a big lie covered up by a shadow within the controlled media we are subjected to around the world since birth (which gives us our perception, not our opinions or necessarily anything real).   The powers that be, have been in control of Hip Hop since Hip Hop started.   The powers that be have used the music, culture and industry to spread anti human propaganda, street gang warfare and violence (East vs West era), satanic ritual and symbols,  engineer race division in USA, launder illicit drug money for Z.O.G. politicians and advertise, promote homosexual / trans-human agendas (It was more recently that the music took this shift… In our days we would have thrown these fake artists on the radio today… right off the god damn stage.  Nobody wanted to hear that poser shit but some how the Industry enabled the wack, carbon copy cloned lying fashion ho sheep to take the light and credit from the real rightful owners.  The Industry simply paid these posers to play thug in a dress on posters and decorated them with bells, whistles, slut attire and required them to deceive their audience),  glorify  human trafficking for greedy record company owners (i.e. Jerry Heller) signing artists soliciting sex as a product (“Pimp and Ho” themed lyrics).  Who ever complies is an actor on the rise – an actor – acting on someone else’s behalf? (See Blacks Law Dictionary, Actor)

Some unfavorable, mind blowing, disturbing fucked up news hit the Hip-Hop community around 2014.  When several male victims and witnesses who alleged the founder of Hip Hop “Africa Bambaata”  was responsible for performing sexual acts on underage males in the Bronx. Over 20 victims came forward, some members of the Zulu Nation.  It appears that many more who most likely exist had kept quiet for decades in exchange for fame and recognition.  So called professor and teacher “KRS ONE” (who sold out all of his followers by Signing the Temple of Hip Hop off to UNESCO, an organization established by Julian Huxley, a known eugenicist in history) said in an interview that “He doesn’t give a fuck” about what Bambaata did “it doesn’t take away from Hip Hop” he reasoned.  For this statement he has been criticized by many people including some victims of Bambaata such as Hassan Poppi.   Although, Nas said Hip Hop was dead in his December 19, 2006 album “Gods Sun” – With KRS ONE and Africa Bambaata rapped up in covering up a Zulu Nation pedophile ring (we now refer to this conspiracy as #HIPHOPGATE), not to mention Jay Z’s (who often pushes satantic / freemasonic  propaganda in Music Videos, Songs and attire) mentor and friend of accused pedophile Africa Bambaata (a Disco artist who was credited for starting Hip Hop which is the culture behind rap music.) Africa Bambaata’s friend “Father Malechi Z York” was also found guilty previously for over 40 counts of child molestation!  14 Victims testified against him during his trial. He was sentenced to 135 years in prison. He is currently being held at the federal maximum-security prison in Florence, Colorado.

Hip Hop died when it started.. Emcees existed long before the so called founders of an illusion they called “Hip Hop” – All Real Emcees left want nothing to do with the Industry nor the founding fathers of Hip Hop, nor the false prophet / teacher KRS ONE, nor the name “Hip Hop” itself.  A real emcee is both a fearless spiritual warrior as well as a messenger of life, light, rightoues and truth. Any artist that is in the mainstream is compromised by the cabal and a potential threat to anyone who is not. If a Hip Hop rapper is an actor on contract they are legally a slave too, which is what the powers that be believe is their god given right, to have thousands of us as their slaves.  Which explains why they tried to put the Average Joe around the entire world behind a face mask the last few years. All real emcees make beats and some scratch records too.  A real emcee is a spirtual warrior. The Art of Emcee is a martial art.  Go ahead an look deeper into today’s laughable “Hip Hop” scene and you will find that many naive and brainless b-boys/girls have their head in their ass doing head spins to auto-tune clones with weak drums and goofy bass –  Maybe they should get their head out of their ass before a real mutha fucka tell them like it is– that they are wack as fuck and they should just get the fuck off stage….. Hip Hop is dead… Rhyme Bomb is Live

The Solution

The Radical Guessworks and I,  K1NG 5T0N3 made a decision to say “Fuck The Industry”  and denounce the “Hip Hop” Genre, and now we are replacing it with what we call “Rhyme Bomb.”

– K1NG 5T0N3

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